We set up this website with the idea that we would be able to help people get a better grasp on their money. We know that there are a lot of people that struggle with managing money but we know that this is not necessary. There are lots of tips and tricks that can be used to help people to cope more easily. We have therefore put together some information that we hope will help. It is general information and should therefore work for anyone regardless of their income levels. It covers a variety of areas and hopefully will provide help for everyone. The information is very clear and simply put so that there should be no problems for anyone to understand it. This will mean that even if you are not normally happy with reading articles about money, you will have no reason to worry about understanding these. Hopefully, there will be lots of help available for everyone so that they can get a grasp of what they should be doing with regards to spending, saving and budgeting so that can always be in control of their money. There will be things to change and habits to break, but some things can be really simple and easy and make a significant difference.